Abalone LLC is a software company since 2007, located in Moss Beach, California, just south of San Francisco on the Pacific coast.

The company specializes on the development and marketing of face-related software applications. HeadShop was developed as a plugin for DAZ Studio. It allows users to create custom heads from a single photograph. It’s latest version, HeadShop OneClick incorporates auto-recognition features and makes the process automatic.

Abalone LLC has also developed a drug-prevention program that shows the changes that drug and alcohol abuse causes to people’s faces. This Face2Face application is based on Apple’s iPad and is widely used by various law enforcement agencies in drug education and prevention.

Our latest product, PrintAhead is a cloud-based online application that allows users to automatically produce color 3D statues. The user will create the 3D head, choose hair and accessories and receives a fully printed statue in about a week’s time.